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Flat Shoes Go From Bad To Worse

Unfortunately, I work with a lot of fashion conscience people. For the past year, they have been exploiting the ballerina craze. The shortest of them all, I have patiently been waiting out this absurd and unsighly fad. On Wednesday, coworker A came in wearing shoes that I assumed must have been part of a trial run at her Halloween costume. Friday, coworker B came in sporting these same ridiculous shoes.
They look like something either a witch or a pilgrim would wear. I attempted on two occassions to snap a picture of these offending shoes, but I was unsuccesful. I attempted to google the shoes and found these which do NOT do justice to what I have seen. The new ones are pure black with a wide buckle that looks like it belongs on a pilgrims hat.

Triple Scent Blunder

Dearest Coworker,
Please cease and desist immediately with the Charlie-esque fragrance you have been sporting. You have a dish of mint based candies on your desk, are they just for decoration?
Pop a mint. And also, even if no one else can see you kick your shoes off under the desk- I know when your shoes are off.
Forever Yours,
Coworker with the Finely Tunes Sense of Smell

The ferret do is a fashion don't

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What is this trend? In the past week, I have lost two very good friends to this ferret do.