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Am I overreacting to this outfit?

Denim jeans, low slung black belt, black ribbed body suit & these shoes.
I didn't know whether to laugh out loud or throw something at her. Something like a mirror. I'm no trendsetter, but this is a joke, right?

Inappropriate Across the Board

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I work in an office where some of the females have resorted to dressing sexy. Unfortunately this is all but encouraged by the powers that be. It is now October. This is what I had to see today. A halter top worn on a woman who should not be wearing a halter top. The halter top revealed both her bulbous hip overhang and her rounded stomach. I would rather turtlenecks by mandated then work in a place where woman were encouraged to dress in such trashy attire.

Tip for the woman I saw on 25th & Missori (SF)

No, no, no. No hoody caplet. Especially no hoody caplet with faux fur trim. Especially no hoody caplet with faux fur trim when it isn't even brisk yet outside!
Yikes, who let you loose in the "Just in" section?

My darling, darling Boss

I have to bow to your every whim. I quake in my drawers when you summon for my by intercom. You are indeed a force to be reckoned with. But I do have a question for you??? Why oh why would a grown woman pushing 55 show up on a Monday to the office wearing blue tights with a corduroy mini skirt and ankle boots? I know I would get fired for forgetting to check your tissue dispenser or wash your mug, so let me say this anonymously- YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL! - Boston Assistant

Professional Women of NYC, please read

Leggings have NO place in the professional woman's wardrobe. It is only October 2, 2006 and already the workplace is clogged up with leggings in colors both muted and bright in fabrics both textured and woolly smooth. This must come to an immediate stop. If you are a woman in power at your company/office or on your floor, please send out an immediate memo. To see the influx of this trend already surely has me concerned for how far people will be taking this in the depths of winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mom Jeans

A friend that I have great affection for was spotted at the Park this weekend, wearing Gasp, Mom Jeans. Now I am aware there are many versions of Mom Jeans. In my opinion, these are the worst offending Mom Jeans as indicated by their ELASTIC WAIST.
I am pleased to say, I don't know where I would find such jeans in women's sizes, but I do have an 18 month old who wears hers with pride!
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I have a friend who recently lost about forty pounds and has taken to wearing tighter and more revealing clothing. How to tell her that the skin tight shirts she buys in batches illuminate all too clearly her lopsided rack?

Better Bras.............

I love this blog idea. And I want to seize this opportunity to address the females I work for. My best synopsis is that we all spend beyond our means on our clothing and our shoes. This is acceptable in this business. My number one pet peeve is women who wear bras that do not fit them! Most often the bras are too small and squeeze out a portion of the breast above the rim of the cop. Go to a lingerie specialty store, something old school and get yourself properly fitted for a bra. Everytime I see this sight, Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI just want to poke you. Do you not see it?

Flat Shoes Go From Bad To Worse

Unfortunately, I work with a lot of fashion conscience people. For the past year, they have been exploiting the ballerina craze. The shortest of them all, I have patiently been waiting out this absurd and unsighly fad. On Wednesday, coworker A came in wearing shoes that I assumed must have been part of a trial run at her Halloween costume. Friday, coworker B came in sporting these same ridiculous shoes.
They look like something either a witch or a pilgrim would wear. I attempted on two occassions to snap a picture of these offending shoes, but I was unsuccesful. I attempted to google the shoes and found these which do NOT do justice to what I have seen. The new ones are pure black with a wide buckle that looks like it belongs on a pilgrims hat.

Triple Scent Blunder

Dearest Coworker,
Please cease and desist immediately with the Charlie-esque fragrance you have been sporting. You have a dish of mint based candies on your desk, are they just for decoration?
Pop a mint. And also, even if no one else can see you kick your shoes off under the desk- I know when your shoes are off.
Forever Yours,
Coworker with the Finely Tunes Sense of Smell

The ferret do is a fashion don't

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What is this trend? In the past week, I have lost two very good friends to this ferret do.